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About Vanessa

Vanessa is known for her luxurious ceramic collections that merge deftly constructed earthenware clay with graphic textile prints, traditional enamel decals and shimmering metallic lustre. She graduated from Bath Spa University in 2004 with first class honours and now exhibits in galleries across the UK and further afield, see the Stockists page for info. Vanessa is also the proprietor of the Pottery Parlour, which provides the general public with the opportunity to play with clay.

“My designs are hand crafted by master potter Anna, assisted by apprentices Hannah and Fynn, and I closely oversee the production process every step of the way. Each piece is made from earthenware clay that is rolled many times and imprinted with vintage lace and fabrics, sometimes embellished with layers of paint, mono – print, enamel transfers and lashings of gold lustre and mother of pearl"

Our collections can be used with an air of indulgent luxury, or simply treasured as heirlooms, admired for their quaint nostalgia and unique elegance.

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